The GP Exercise Referral Programme in its current format is no longer being delivered by the HSE. GPs are no longer referring their patients onto the programme and Local coordinators in leisure facilities are no longer accepting referrals under the national programme remit.  During 2013 an analysis of the programme recommended that a new Exercise Referral Framework for Ireland is required.  When the Framework is completed and considered, a decision will be made by HSE Management on its future implementation.  This new framework will be considered by HSE Management in the coming months.

This website will remain active until the end of August 2015 so that GPs/the public can search for facilities who used to deliver the programme and see for yourself if they have set up some kind of local referral scheme.  Please “click” on the map to check for facilities previously delivering the programme. 

The Health Promotion & Improvement Department, HSE is committed to promoting physical activity and see the Leisure industry as a key stakeholder in that process.  We will continue to work with Ireland Active and other organisations in increasing participation in physical activity and welcome working together under the new National Physical Activity Plan developed as part of Healthy Ireland: A Framework for Improved Health & Well Being in Ireland 2013-2025.

Other physical activity websites/resources

For information on physical activity please log onto www.getirelandactive.ie which has a wealth of information and resources to promote physical activity.
If you are a Health Professional please consider completing the new e-learning module ‘Promoting Physical Activity’ developed in partnership with the ICGP and accredited for 4 CPD and 3.5 credits for Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI).  This e-Learning module is available to health professionals via www.hseland.ie and to GP’s through the ICGP website www.icgp-education.ie/physical-activity/.   

If you have any further queries please send them to gpexercisereferral@gmail.com