About the programme

The GP Exercise Referral Programme in its current format, is no longer being delivered by the HSE.  During 2013 an analysis of the programme recommended that a new Exercise Referral Framework for Ireland is required. When the Framework is completed and considered, a decision will be made by HSE Management on its future implementation.

There may be an informal arrangement in some leisure facilities where the programme continues to operate. Please check with your local facility (facilities previously delivering the programme are listed on the www.gpexercisereferral.ie website for a limited time).

For information on physical activity please log onto www.getirelandactive.ie which has a wealth of information and resources to promote physical activity.

If you have any further queries please send them to gpexercisereferral@gmail.com.

The GP Exercise Referral Programme

The GP Exercise Referral Programme provides a pathway of physical activity to assist in the prevention and management chronic disease. The pathway offers professional support over 12 weeks to encourage health behaviour modification and retention of an active lifestyle.

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If you live in an area that is currently operating the programme and are interested in being referred please consult your GP or you can.